Are you looking for a way to spruce up that drab concrete floor in the garage? Or enhance your patio to make it both attractive and more durable for your outdoor parties? Epoxy floors may be just the answer. They bring out the beauty in concrete while making it durable and easy to take care of.

Why Choose Epoxy?

If you have concrete flooring already, why choose an epoxy coating to go over it? There are several reasons and benefits to an epoxy floor. First, epoxy is hard and durable. It resists staining and is easy to clean up, especially when creating a seamless surface. Secondly, epoxy creates a high performance, attractive style to your floor. Epoxy is also fast and easy to install when completed by Pruzinsky Painting epoxy floors professionals.

Epoxy floors are great for a variety of uses and places. Because of their durability and they are easy to keep clean, they are a top choice for pharmaceutical offices as well as food and beverage companies. Since epoxy is chemical-resistant, epoxy floors are also ideal for industrial plants and warehouses. And with their high gloss shine, epoxy floors look stunning in vehicle showrooms or garages.

Pruzinsky Painting for Epoxy Floors

While there are plenty of guides and videos out there to help you install your own epoxy floor, this is really a task that should be left to the pros. Applying epoxy is similar to applying paint – it seems easy enough until you consider the cost of mistakes, tools and products. The beautiful look of Sterling Heights epoxy floors is best achieved by the professionals at Pruzinsky Painting. Yes, we do more than just exterior and interior! We’re your full service contractor, from repairs to remodeling. Call 702-74304745 to get started with an estimate.

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