There are many reasons that you might have decided to paint the exterior and/or interior of your home, commercial, or apartment. There are some that might want to give their home a makeover or breathe life back into their home. No matter the reason one should expect the best from their Las Vegas interior/exterior painting service company. At Pruzinsky Painting, we understand there should be an expectation for quality, clean, and professional interior and exterior painting services. We have been in business for over twenty years and the person that you talk to when you call in is the owner.

You should be able to expect quality service when having Las Vegas interior/exterior painting done such as covering your furniture with clean fresh plastic which will eliminate the chance of a dirty smelly tarp that might damage your furniture or leave an odor. One should never settle for a company that waters down their paint or skips some of the prep sanding. The difference in quality and quantity is one should expect a interior/exterior painting service to hand sand all woodwork and pole sand all walls and ceilings to ensure that you get a smooth finish. Here at Pruzinsky Painting we understand that you should get the quality that you deserve.

You should have clean area as well as precautions taken to ensure that paint does not get on your furniture, shrubs, or other areas that it should not be. One should expect their Las Vegas exterior/interior painting service to clean up before they leave for the day as well as take precautions to ensure that nothing that is not to be painted gets paint on it. You should also expect the interior/exterior company that you go with to use lint free rollers to ensure that your paint will look clean when the job is completed as well. We at Pruzinskyl Painting take the cleanliness of the project seriously and have an instant clean up policy which means when we leave we make sure the area is clean and remove waste daily as well as it is free from clutter.

There should be a level of professionalism that you should expect when you are having interior/exterior painting done. No one wants to see someone working in torn up jeans and a dirty t-shirt. One should have a reasonable expectation that the people painting will show up in a uniform for several reasons. Uniforms show professionalism as well as allow you to know who should be in your home. Next, one should have an expectation that the interior/exterior company you hire to be licensed and insured. Pruzinsky Painting will make sure that the job is completed with the professionalism that you should expect.

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